About A Time To Talk

What do you remember about your first introduction to sex education? Was it in school, at home, delivered by way of an outdated pamphlet or book? Perhaps it was through a misinformed friend or relative?

It is time to change all of the misconceptions about talking to your children about health and sex education... We introduce to you...

A Time To Talk

A comprehensive health education program for homes, schools, churches and community organizations...

A Time To Talk was launched under the company, HEALTHY edudynamics, LLC (HED), which provides education for a healthy future. The program has been based upon a 15-year research model, and is currently being implemented nationwide into schools' puberty and adolescent programs. In 2008, and in response to parental feedback, HED launched a DVD and curriculum series available online specifically for parents. By taking this program into the 21st century technology, HED and its founders hope to positively affect the lives of thousands of children throughout the country.
"What better legacy to leave to all children, regardless of their gender, race or sexual orientation than to be a part of a movement that makes this possible”.
Shillana Sanchez, Kids At Hope
The primary goal of the educators at HEALTHY edudynamics is to address the dire need for honest, age-appropriate education for youth Sex education for kidsby arming them with facts and conversation about a topic which is often hard to approach, but is essential for a healthy future. The goal of this program is to ensure the healthy future of each adolescent by providing education which teaches respect of his/her own body and the bodies of others. The long-range vision is that someday children all over the world will receive this information translated into their culturally appropriate language and delivered by a caring and trustworthy adult.

A Time To Talk consists of two gender-specific DVDs- each containing 80% of the same information and 20% gender-specific information. It includes discussion guides for both parents and educators which are based on best practices of this research model, and proven in nationally-acclaimed school districts across the country.

The key learning objectives are:
  • Importance of communicating respectfully with adults at home and at school
  • Importance of feeling good about the changes that occur as you grow…YOU ARE NORMAL!
  • Definitions of sexual harassment and sexual assault…WHAT TO DO IF IT HAPPENS TO YOU!
  • Basic facts about the physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • Conception and birth: how babies grow and develop
  • Why females have menstrual periods
  • Hygiene and good health habits

"A Time To Talk's" content is approved by the Arizona Department of Education, and every child needs this information at home and at school."
Maria Silva, Adolescent Health Educator