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WHY NOW? The information gap…

If you are wondering whether the timing is right to talk to your child about puberty and adolescence, you are not alone!

Parents typically say they don't know when or how to begin talking about "sex", and they are afraid of saying too much, too soon. Interestingly enough, in a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 87% of parents say they feel they have adequately discussed growth and development during puberty with their children, and only 21% of adolescent children report they thought their parents had given them enough information. . . .clearly, there is an information gap here.

Think back. . . was there a gap for you? When did you first want or need information about growing up? Did you get the right information at the right time?

Research indicates the following:
Generally speaking, parents and educators do not provide adequate information to meet the needs of adolescents. In addition, when information is provided on sensitive issues, parents and educators are usually giving too little information, approximately a year or two after children really begin thinking about or need that information.

Two key elements that must be reinforced during puberty and adolescence are:
  1. Assuring children they are okay or "normal" and
  2. Encouraging children to communicate with caring adults at home and at school when they have concerns related to sensitive issues about growing up.
Research time and time again indicates that youths who communicate with a caring adult are less likely to engage in negative behaviors such as drug use and early initiation of sexual activity.

A Time To Talk continually reinforces these two elements throughout the DVD presentation. The information is timeless, consistent and comprehensive. The cataloged DVD format allows information to be easily reviewed as questions arise. Children do not get or retain all the information in "the talk" given only one time whether at home or at school. The continued consistent dialogue is the key. A Time To Talk makes this information exchange easy!

"Having A Time To Talk on my shelf is a great resource to help my children along the path to puberty and development. No single resource available today goes into as much detail, in such a professional, easy-to-explain manner. This is an on-the-shelf resource I will use over and over again".
Rebekka Reinmuth, Parent/Educator of 4th and 5th graders of Austin and Zoe

Due to the long shelf life, parents with children of multiple ages can feel confident that all their children will receive the information in exactly the same manner and that the information is consistent year after year. The DVDs and accompanying parent guide assure these messages will be consistent if used as directed by HEALTHY edudynamics. Parents can also encourage other parents of their children's friends to provide the same basic information in this easy-to-use, affordable format. Friends talk to friends, let's make sure the information is accurate…

"I fully expected A Time To Talk to provide a comprehensive educational component that would help me to teach my child to respect his/her own body and the bodies of others. This program exceeded my expectations with an extra incentive: parenting tips."
Tammy Gaser, Social Worker and Mother of two pre-teens



"Oftentimes, information of this nature becomes outdated quickly. Mary Halter and her team purposely used no enhancements that would date this information. The information and delivery is straightforward and will not need to be changed or revised for many years to come. With that in mind, both homes and school districts can anticipate using this program for at least 10 years."
Karen Smethers, RN and mother of three older daughters who are "graduates" of the in-school program