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DVD Series and Educational Guide

A proven puberty and adolescence program based
upon 17 years of research and over 81,000 kids educated

Research shows that two key elements that must be reinforced during puberty and adolescence are assuring children they are okay or "normal", and encouraging them to communicate with caring adults at home and at school when they have concerns related to sensitive issues about growing up. Research shows that youths who communicate with a caring adult are less likely to engage in negative behaviors such as drug use and early initiation of sexual activity.

With A Time To Talk In Schools, our program continually reinforces these two key elements throughout the presentation.

Research shows that respecting one’s body and the bodies of others is a concept which needs to be established in all adolescents in order to help prevent engaging in negative and harmful behaviors.

The program goal of A Time To Talk is to assure the healthy future of each adolescent by providing education which teaches respect of his/her own body and the bodies of others.

Mary Halter and her team at HEALTHY edudynamics have been delivering the A Time To Talk program in schools for over 15 years. This program has been field tested in the 4th-6th grade levels since 1992.
"The State of Arizona Department of Education has approved the content of this program as part of their ongoing effort to assist schools in the selection of appropriate sex education curriculum materials."
Program Review Committee, Arizona Department of Education
A Time To Talk is delivered to all children in a grade level on the same day, in a safe and comfortable learning environment. This environment is typically their normal classroom setting or library, and through the instructional aids and DVD audio/visual presentation, Mrs. Halter leads the students in a very thorough discussion about their bodies, puberty and growing up with respect for themselves, and showing respect to others. Intentionally, the information is delivered and received in a serious tone, not using a musical, cartoon or playful format.

A common dilemma for School Districts using audio-visuals of any kind is that they become outdated quickly.
"The DVD and instructional aids purposely use no enhancements that would date this information. The information and delivery is straightforward and will not need to be changed or revised for many years to come. Our school advisory committee is excited about this, as our school district anticipates using a growth and development program for at least 10 years. The net cost per student will be about .30 per 100 students educated."
Marcie Cameron, Registered Nurse, Scottsdale Unified School District
Due to the sensitive nature of the information, administrators, teachers, and parents are always concerned about "exactly" what is going to be said as well as the qualifications and delivery style of the presenter. Using A Time to Talk throughout an entire district assures everyone that the message will be consistent from school to school and from year to year.

About The Product

A Time To Talk in schools is made up of two gender-specific DVDs, each containing 80% of the same information and 20% gender-specific information. It also includes discussion guides for educators to utilize as a follow-along format during the presentation. The DVDs along with the Teacher Guides allow a pause/discussion format to take place within the classroom at the educator’s discretion. Also included is a book titled:
"101 Questions Kids Actually Ask and the Answers They Need to Know!".

Areas that information in A Time To Talk can enhance cross-curricula education:

Health Education and Science:
  • Reproductive and excretory systems
  • Growth and Development
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Drug Education
  • Bullying
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"For students, this is the only factual source of information they may get on this topic. Every nurse’s office and every home should have this as an on-the-shelf resource."
Margaret Boatright, PhD, Elementary District School Psychologist