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Mary HalterMary H. Halter has worked in the field of youth development for the last 25 years beginning as the executive director of a youth-serving non-profit agency. Currently she has a primary focus as a prevention education/consultant/trainer and the lead curricula developer for A Time To Talk DVD series in schools and at home. She has national training experience with staff in youth-serving agencies, probation departments, schools and churches. She has trained thousands of adults working with at-risk youth in a variety of prevention education programs. For the past 17 years, Mary has seen more than 81,000 students, educating our youth about the importance of respect for their own bodies and the bodies of others.

"One of the most important components of health education curriculum today is that it empowers young people to recognize a healthy and accurate concept of self."
Mary Halter's program is a comprehensive puberty education program which is based on a solid foundation of fundamental respect of self and others. As a mother of four, Mary herself has utilized her teaching philosophies at home, and has seen the success through the blossoming families of her three daughters and one son. Many friends and colleagues have endorsed her cause, several of whom have joined the "force" to assist with the development of PR and Marketing activities at HED.
"My unique combination of friends, colleagues, and family has provided me the foundation and encouragement to pursue my dream."
One daughter, in particular, is a voice you may encounter in your journey with our curriculum. Kristin Elliott has personally made this passion her own. When Mary realized there just was not enough of her to go around and began pioneering the DVD series, Kristin stepped in to help launch a website and PR campaign to embrace this program, and make it available to all school districts and homes throughout the country. Kristin joined HED as a sort of therapy, just after her oldest son, Max completed a successful three-year chemotherapy protocol fighting leukemia.
"My Mom saw our launch of A Time To Talk as a way for me to become integrated back into the workforce, while helping to make her dream for the future a reality. She was an uncompromised pillar of strength during a difficult family time, and my hope and dream is to make this program a huge success."
As a result, a portion of the proceeds of each sale of A Time To Talk For Parents will be donated to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, in hopes that other children will have the same success in their fight against cancer.

In addition, a portion of the proceeds of each sale of all A Time To Talk products will be donated to Kids At Hope, a non-profit organization where all children are capable of success, no exceptions.

Please visit our educational partner link for more information on the Elliott story, Kids at Hope, and our other strategic educational partners.

You can also reach the team at HEALTHY edudynamics at 1.877.885.9524, or through the Contact Us page.

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"I have known Mary Halter for over 18 years. She is the quintessential health educator who effectively balances knowledge, credibility, integrity, passion and compassion in who she is and what she does. I have been honored to be an ally, a colleague, a collaborator, and a friend."
Rick Miller, Founder, Kids At Hope